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Demetria Baker

Demetria Baker
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My name is Demetria Baker. Yeah, I might be a bitch. It doesn't mean you can treat me like a brat. Your such a DF. I hate you right now. But I love you. I'm empowering and strong. So I don't need your help.

-Demetria Baker to William George Bailey Jones


Demetria "Dem" Baker is Aphrodite's older Adoptive sister, formerly Natalia Eliza Moore. Biological daughter of Rose Moore and Derek Shepherd. Adoptive Daughter of Jelena Burke and Julian Baker. Half-Sister of Zola, Bailey and Ellis. Brother-in-law, Henry Montgomery. Sister-in-law,Ellis Montgomery Head of Othopedic surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital


Derek Shepherd and Rose dated Briefly. They had a sexual relationship for the first time with each other. After Shepherd broke up Rose, Rose found out she was 4 months pregnant with Demetria. She couldn't have an abortion. She named her Natalia Eliza Moore. She gave her up for adoption.


This character is kind, nice and generous.

Best Friends

Becky, Eliza and Kait are best friends.